Q9097 Americana Folk Art Center Medallion Eagle Quilt

Dated 1962
67 x 89 inches
Found in New England

This is definitely folk art. When I purchased this quilt, judging from the fabrics, I thought it was a 1940’s World War II commemorative piece. It wasn’t until I got it home and washed it that I found the embroidered date Dec 1962. This is one of the two newest quilts I have ever purchased... the other one an original African American quilt. The center medallion eagle is a copy from a 19th century quilt. I have sold 2 or 3 of the original quilts. This one is a 20th century rendition. The words "The Americana" is embroidered in the center block. All embroidery and appliqué is done by hand. The 1/4” binding is applied by hand with the same fabric used to create the 5” border. The piecing is done by machine. You can’t take this quilt too literally, especially with 60 stars on each flag. However, it is a fun piece of folk art. This quilt organically washed and ready to see on approval.