Q9100 Early 19th Century Four Patch Quilt

Dated and Signed 1875
80 x 86 inches

This wonderful 19th century conversation print quilt is meant for a fabric junkie. Comprising a huge array of expensive calicos and paisleys dating from apx 1825 to 1870. There’s a patch sewn on the whole cloth backing that is signed and dated. The quilt was started in 1870 and finished in 1875. Documented by the quilter. Quilter's name will be given upon purchase of this textile. Created in the Brewer, Maine area. One can tell, because of the fabrics and yardage used, that this family was of affluent means. The whole cloth backing is a wonderful geometric plaid of gray, white and muted red. The quilt has been pieced in the English piecing method. We don’t know if the quitter came from England or if this was the method taught to her. This method of piecing is the most secure method, preventing the fabrics from coming apart. This quilt is quilted with the herringbone pattern of stitching. Much of the quilting is difficult to see because of the depth of color in the fabrics. This wonderful piece of history tells us more about the fabrics than the quilting. Three of the 4 squares in the four patch blocks have a 4” square of a Ulysses Grant and Henry Wilson’s presidential campaign with folk art American flags. Ask Betsey for more information. Organically hand washed and ready for your approval.