Q9102 Indigo and White Trapunto Touching Feathered Stars

76 x 81 inches
Believed to be from New York

This exquisite and very early quilt is comprised of 9 gorgeous feathered touching stars with center sunbursts. An extraordinary quilt, it is an actual piece of art. Ranking above the top of the antique quilt world, not only for its beauty, but also for the amount of work that it took to create. Completely sewn by hand, this mid-nineteenth century quilt was pieced with some of the smallest stitches I’ve ever seen. A trapunto and/or stuffed quilt is a multi step process. First the quilt top must be pieced, second it must be stuffed, then backed and quilted. The third step is the very laborious process of separating fibers in the back and stuffing them with cotton. The back fabric is a more loosely woven linen, making the threads easier to separate. On this quilt, there are 16” squares between the feathered stars joining the 18" squares on point. All diamonds have 2-1/2” sides, triangles 1-3/4 x 1-3/4 x 2-1/2" and the squares have 1-1/2" sides. The cross hatch diagonal quilting is apx 3/4” apart. Organically hand washed and ready for your viewing. Call Betsey for more details.