Q9111 Log Cabin Straight Furrows with H Block Border

c.1875 (with fabrics dating as early as c.1855)
76 x 92 inches

This quilt artist has created a log cabin pattern combination that I have never seen put together. The complete outside border measures apx 6” wide and is comprised of dozens of 6” square log cabin “H” blocks and totally different from the inside log cabin blocks which comprise the straight furrows pattern. The inside furrows blocks are half light and half dark fabric. The fabrics are stunning and unusual. This quilt came to me unbound. We bound the quilt with the same red fabric used in the chimneys. Why the creator did not bind the quilt is a mystery. This graphically stunning quilt would fit a queen size bed perfectly, or even a king size bed with 6” hanging over each side. A fabric junkie's dream! This quilt would look fantastic either on a bed or as graphic art hung for a wall. All logs are 3/4” wide with the chimneys measuring 1-1/8” square. In complete, unused condition and ready to be sent for your viewing on approval.