Q9201 Mariner's Compass
80 x 80 inches
Believed to be from New York

This true mariners compass quilt was designed and executed by a premier quilter who had a mind for complex design. It is comprised of 9... 18” blocks joined by a triple row of sashing. The outer row measures 1- 1/8” in width and is over-dyed green fabric with the center white being 2” in width. The joining blocks are a 4” square with Ohio star blocks in over-dyed green, turkey red and chrome orange fabrics....13” circles contain the actual Mariner's Compass pieced pattern. Sewing and piecing circles like these is one of the most difficult projects one can undertake. Another outstanding skill added to this woman’s amazing abilities. The north, south, east and west on each compass is an over-dyed green fabric. The remaining points are turkey red and chrome orange and a c.1850’s small red stripe with a miniature calico. The center of each compass measures 3” in diameter. Each point of the compass is outline and echo quilted. All sashing is heavily quilted and the meandering ribbon and red diamond border is outline quilted. The white areas of this quilt are quilted in a 5/8" cross hatched design on the diagonal with a few areas cross hatched in 1/2 in a square grid. Please call for more information. Organically hand washed and ready for your use. This is truly a major piece of art.