Q9202 Square in a Diamond Variation
74 x 78 inches
New England

This unusual design quilt has been executed using various 1870’s and 1880’s black and gray calico fabrics. There are 50...6-1/4" blocks joined by white 6-1/4” blocks. Each block was pieced by hand and connected to the joining blocks by hand. There is a 4-1/2” border around the sides of this quilt. 1/4” is covered with a hand applied black and white plaid variation binding. The border is made up of 4 rows. The first is 1 wide, the second 1-1/4” wide, the third 1-1/4” wide, and the last 1-1/2” wide. The border and the piece blocks are quilted using an 1840’s design of 2 parallel rows 1/4” apart then 1” space between the double rows and then repeated. The plain white blocks are cross hatch quilted in a 7/8” parallel grid. In my 32 years of business I’ve only had one other black and white quilt. It is difficult to photograph. There are a dozen different designs of prints on this quilt. It’s sophisticated yet fun and happy. This quilt is in unused condition and now organically hand washed ready to be sent on approval. The shadows from lighting are not on the quilt.....the quilt is all evenly colored.