Q9203 Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt

76 x 88 inches
New England

The grandmother’s flower garden quilt design was the second most popular design created during the depression era. One of the reasons for this was because most of it could be made from scrap fabrics. This quilt is artistically arranged and comprised of hundreds of 1" hexagons. This pattern is one of the most time consuming quilt patterns to execute as each hexagon piece has to be sewn together by hand. The master seamstress/quilter would also hand quilt around the inside of each hexagon. Finishing the edge with a thin binding is also a challenge because with most of these quilts, there lacks a straight side. Instead the edge follows the pattern design. An added whimsical feature are the yellow free flowing hexagons, creating a delightful feeling and an unusual rendition.
In perfect condition, organically washed by hand and ready to be sent for your approval.