Q9211 Amish Tumbling Blocks

64 x 91 inches

This graphically wonderful quilt was made for a twin or double bed with enough length to cover the pillow..:-) The size is also one that is perfect for that big open stairwell where it’s hard to find a tall but not wide quilt. The two inner borders measure 2-3/4” each and the outer border is 5-1/2” including the 1” binding. 1” wide strips have been used to create each side of the blocks. The cotton fabrics used are the solid colors of the Amish clothing. The cotton backing fabric used is a solid red. This geometric quilt came from across the Maine border into Canada. All blocks are outline quilted with quilting on at least one side of each bar. The quilting is nice and even. The outside border has a chain stitch quilting design and the two inner borders have an unusual quilting design. Appearing to be unused, this quilt has now been organically hand washed and is ready to be viewed for approval in your home or office.