Q9220 Center Medallion Victorian Crazy Quilt

52 x 60 inches
New England

This rare and exceptional c.1885 Victorian crazy is filled with much of the symbolism of that era. A partial list includes Japanese fans, cranes, a symbol of long life, horseshoes for good luck, owls for wisdom, a staff of wheat for life and a cross for religion. The embroidery and embelishments are outstanding. They include 3D ribbon work, gold metallic thread embellishment around the border and silk chenille work. The Victorian era symbols were so important to Victorian women: flora and fauna and the love of animals. All of these symbols are represented on this quilt. The silk velvet border measures 4” with each corner having a sophisticated 4” block. These corner blocks are usually seen on Amish Quilts, not Victorian Crazy Quilts. Most of the ribbons, chenille and threads are silk. Two sleeves have been hand sewn onto the back short ends making this quilt ready to hang.