Q9221 Amish Star of Bethlehem
82 x 86 inches

This amazing Star of Bethlehem Amish Quilt is one of the most exquisitily created Stars I have ever seen. Gazing at this quilt, while it was hanging, I am drawn into the center of the quilt, almost in an optical illusion way. This piece of art looks as if it's pulsating. Comprised of the entire array of colors of Amish clothing fabrics that were unused....the quilt is unused condition. I was the first person to wash it. The quilting stitches are some of the tiniest I’ve seen in my 32 years of business. The background is off-white and there are a couple of brown (clean) spots. These spots are from the cotton hulls from the inside batting. If I had washed it any longer, the rich off-white color would have brightened, so I decided to stop the washing. If someone wants the very tiny spots negated, then I can do so..organically...however the background color will also lighten. Each diamond side measures 2”. All piecing is done by machine, as is typical of Amish quilts. There is a 3/8” binding in the same off-white fabric. The 4-1/2” border has an unusual stacked leaf quilting. This quilt is large enough for a queen size bed or an unbelievable statement on your great room wall. Organically hand washed and ready to be sent for your approval.