Q9231 Pineapple or Windmill Log Cabin Quilt

77 x 77 inches
New England

If you like an optical illusion quilt, here is one for you. If you are looking for the sought after gray color used in decorating today this quilt is strictly gray, a burgundy brown and white. The windmill and pineapple log cabin pattern shows motion. The blocks are hard to execute, and the resulting effect is to look stunning as this quilt does. There are approximately 12 different log cabin patterns. This pattern is one of them. Joining these blocks together is very intricate work, and if not done properly, the quilt will just look haphazard, but this one is stunning!
The design is made in individual blocks that are sewn together using a New England method. A summer coverlet, which means you can use it in the summer as there is no batting inside, and in the winter you can put it over a blanket for warmth, the bonus being it is stunning. For a great room, or a wall hanging, it would be absolutely gorgeous. This quilt could also be folded in different ways to hang showing a fourth or half of it. Because of the pattern this quilt is easy to display in that manner. Also because it is light in weight, it would be easy to put over a pole and just hang a quarter of it in a small space. So you could use this quilt as art in a small space or a large space or for your queen size bed. A queen size bed measures 60 inches across, providing you with 7 inches over each side. This quilt appears to be in unused condition.
Organically hand washed and ready to be sent for your in home approval.