Q9232 Log Cabin Straight Furrows Eastern Mennonite Quilt

60 x 68 inches
New England

This Log Cabin Quilt has one of the smallest chimneys I have ever seen, measuring less than 5/8 inch square. The logs on this quilt measure from 1/2 inch in width up to 3/4 inch in width. There is a brown 3 inch border of which 1/4 inch is a hand applied wool challis binding. The quilt is completely comprised of wools and wool challis. It appears never to have been used. It has a yummy warm brown wool backing with a few moth holes in the backing. Some of the fabric on the back appears to have been home dyed.
It is definitely a Mennonite quilt. I know this because the quilt has a strip pieced backing. Mennonites strip pieced their backings as a symbol of their work. It wasn't because they lacked the fabric and had to piece it, it was a symbol of their creativity. Graphically wonderful, the straight furrows cabin is the original log cabin pattern that came to us from England.
These blocks measure roughly 7 inches square. I see fabrics on here back to about 1840, 1850. There is one fabric pattern here that I have never seen before. It is graphically wonderful. This quilt can be used either for your bed, or as a stunning wall hanging. The colors are magnificent, deep and rich.
This quilt is ready to be sent to you for your approval in your home.