Q9233 Sampler Quilt Composition

85 x 85 inches

This sampler quilt measures approximately 85 x 85" and was created from 64 blocks, each one approximately 9 inches square and joined with 2 inch sashing. The 4 inch binding is turned over from the back to the front and then hand stitched. All work on this quilt has been executed by hand. The applique stitches are almost invisible...the center of most blocks has a reverse applique cutout circle usually created for a signature.
The applique blocks are not only appliquéd but there is also reverse appliqué. Every alternate quilt block is a La Moyne star or can be called an Ohio star. These blocks are outlined quilted and are pieced not appliquéd. The two bottom corner blocks of this quilt are a mystery...they appear to look like a flame and kind of folksy.
For textile enthusiasts.....The applique blocks are composed of at least six or seven different rare turkey red calico prints. You also have, on this quilt, mattar dyed prints plus a huge array of early fabrics. I am dating the quilt circa 1850.
The sashing and backing are from the 1840s while some of calico's can easily have origionated in c.1825.
This amazingly graphic quilt would make a stunning piece of art for a great room or would perfectly fit a queen-size bed.
As I was the first person to wash this summer quilt we can conjecture that It was unused and saved because it was so special for one of many reasons.
This quilt is graphically stunning and in a few ways, different from anything I have ever seen.
Found in Pennsylvania, this quilt, measuring 85" x 85 ", is now on the market for $2,900.
Organically hand washed and ready to be sent for your in-home approval.