Q9235 English Format Center Medallion Design Quilt

Top: c.1855, finished: c.1880
78 x 78 inches
New England

One of the earliest formats of pieced quilts was the Center Medallion design. Originating in England, it was brought to America with late 18th century and early 19th century English women. Once fashions changed and scraps were left from making clothing, creative woman started designing pieced quilts. This graphic quilt is an example of such designs. The fabrics used in the creation of the top date from C.1850 and earlier...however, I believe the top was quilted later. The quilting design is that of clam shells.....a very New England pattern..the backing fabric and the binding tell us that the top was quilted later...probably around 1885......the binding was applied by treadle machine. A treadle machine was a mark of affluence at that time.
The center-most design measures app. 17 x 17 inches and radiates out from there with various designs and various widths. Amazingly graphic, this rare quilt will make a colorful, warm and inviting art piece for your wall.
This quilt is in unused condition...I was the first person to wash it. Now ready to be sent to you for your in-home approval.