Q9238 Original Pieced Design Quilt

72 x 86 inches
Mormon family information upon sale

History is comprised of real events, however, sometimes the history we are told has been construed to fit the ideas of the time.
This original designed pieced pattern appears to resemble an early American frontier fort. The pieced pattern may be original, but the embroidered vignettes were created c.1925 during the Red Work craze by Ruby McKim. These depict the views of America held by many people at that time...today we know better!.....This one of a kind, beautifully hand pieced, hand quilted, hand embroidered (using black thread) and showing numerous medallion designs, is in unused condition. The fabrics used here are an excellent quality cotton. an off white and a rich medium blue. The quilt is hand bound with a 1/4 inch blue binding.
There are images of the west as was told to Americans at that time....one vignette that is accurate is the one showing a colonial woman at the spinning wheel.
Organically hand washed by Betsey and ready to be sent for your in home approval.
Purchased directly from the family....provenance upon sale of the quilt.