Q9239 Daisy Quilt...with Family Name

78 x 92 inches

Happy happy happy! How could anyone not smile when gazing at this quilt? I know it just makes me feel good. Yes, I am conjecturing, but I'll bet the woman who created this piece of art was a very happy gardener who also loved fabrics.
There are dozens of different calicos which comprise the petals of the daisies. The fabrics date from the 1930's and early 1940's. The daisies were first appliqued onto the 9-1/4 blocks then pieced together using a 2" sashing. Very artistically the corner joining blocks were pieced with 4 1-inch squares creating a miniature 2" X 2" block. The stems vary in length from approximately 4" to 7". Each of the 8 petals has a running outline stitch in a dark blue. Centers of all the daises measure 1-1/2" in a white fabric and have been embellished with black french knots. French knots vary in number from one daisy center to another. Could different women have worked on this quilt? The pillowcase edging is finished with a white thread. The backing is a white cotton.
The appliqued blocks have straight line quilting that radiates from the center, giving a feeling of rays of sunlight. The sashing has chain quilting throughout. The four square blocks are outline quilted.
This quilt could adorn a queen sized bed, with 9" over each side....or hang as a piece of art on your wall.
This unused quilt has now been organically hand washed and is ready to be sent for your approval, yes, be used either on a bed or as art on your wall. Family name provided upon sale.