Q9241 Pond Lillies Kit Quilt
76 x 80

The discovery of a totally unused quilt is really exciting. The creator of this quilt was absolutely a master sewer. When purchasing a kit quilt one receives all the fabric. The design is stenciled on the white fabric and you are left to do all the work: all the piecing, appliqueing, embroidery, and quilting. The applique stitches are almost invisible. The quilting has been executed with tiny, even stitches. In addition to the basic applique work, the flowers, leaves, and petals are beautifully embellished with tiny embroidery stitches. The quilting designs are comprised of wreaths, shell butter diagonal quilting and rope design. The edging is scalloped and has a 1/4 inch applied binding. All work executed on this quilt is absolutely perfect.

The size of this qilt would fit a queen size bed or the complete top of a king size bed. Never before washed now organically hand washed and ready to be sent to you for your approval.