Q9244 Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt

78 x 86 inches
Ohio, family name upon sale

If a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt can be described as sophisticated...this is the one. This beautifully executed quilt is comprised of thousands of 3/4" hexagons..all of which are hand sewn together and then perfectly hand quilted around each and every piece. The binding, also hand applied, is of the same green as the paths and measures 3/8" in width. A natural color white muslin is the backing for this quilt. All in all just beautifully constructed and graphically wonderful.

The "path" is comprised of a medium shade of green...one of the most desired colors of that era. There are dozens of wonderful calicos of which I can only find one repeat. No matter what your color scheme you will find that color on this wonderful, what appears to be unused, quilt. The center of each block is a medium shade of yellow. Every block has the same fabric for the outer and the same fabric for the inner circle...except for one! Many say that some women created an obvious difference in one area of their quilt because it was pretentious that they believe that they are perfect. On this quilt one block has alternating shades of pink in the inner circle....some wonderful character to this quilt. Yes, this is conjecture,but, I believe that here is one such case...

Organically hand washed by us and now ready to be sent for your approval.