Q9251 Unknown pattern...combination of Signature Block and Irish Chain

107 x 109 inches
Long Island, New York

So seldom ever seen is a 200 year old quilt with crosshatched quilting 1/4" apart measuring 107" X 109".
Upon the sale of this fabulous quilt I will provide the name of the original owner. At that point, you will be well aware that this family was not only affluent but an important part of American history. Naturally this quilt was completely executed by hand as it was created at least 40 years prior to the inhome use of the sewing machine.
Perfectly sewn is a 1/4" white applied binding using the same fabric as the front of the quilt. The body of the quilt has next a 1-3/4" white border, then a 1-3/4" turkey red border. The outside white border is crosshatched with the same 1/4" grid that is seen throughout the quilt. The red border is quilted in such a way that it achieves a block effect even though it is one continuous strip of fabric as well as crosshatched every 1-1/2 inches.
The Signature Block pattern is an old east coast pattern. This pattern is graphically combined with the Flying Geese pattern. All the squares seen here in the creation of this quilt measure 1-1/2" square. All squares are outlined quilted then quilted with an X design. The backing is a whole cloth off-white. The quilting is so exquisite, the piece becomes double sided. Somewhere on this quilt which I cannot find at the moment, there is a very small patch that is so well executed that it must have been done by the original quilter.
The size of this quilt will perfectally fit a 21st century king sized bed. Originally this quilt would have been made for an early high double bed that measured only 52" in width. This quilt would have covered the top of the bed, reaching to the floor on three sides. In many homes of this era, the quilt would have hidden the fact that there was a youth bed underneath. I doubt this would be applicable to this family as that circumstance would belong to a family of lesser means.
The off white and turkey red, along with the reddish pink allows this quilt to be easily adapted to many decors. There is one tiny spot, and there are one or two tiny pinholes in a few blocks (we can restore these if wished using same date Turkey Red fabric).
This astonishing quilt, that comes from a hustorically important American family, is now organically hand washed and ready for your approval.