Q9252a Chips and Whetstone Quilt

72 x 84 inches

Chips and whetstone is one of my favorite patterns. It is a variation of the coveted Mariner's Compass pattern, also a personal favorite. Piecing circular blocks or curved pieces of any kind is some of the most challenging piecing a quilter can attempt.
This perfectly executed quilt is beautifully pieced. The 14-1/2" blocks are on point. The circular center, which holds the compass, has a 13" diameter. The triangles vary in length from 3-1/2" to 4-7/8". The fabrics used to create the quilt are all cotton calicos from c.1845 and earlier. The backing of this quilt is a much earlier block print red on reddish-pink miniature dot. The colors seen on this quilt range from chrome orange, double pink, double green, double green striped, all calicos. The only solid used, a blue, is placed in such a manner on the Chips and Whetstone design as to create a feeling of motion, as though the Whetstones are actually turning. Finishing this beautiful quilt is an 1/8" hand applied binding in one of the quilts over-dyed green calicos.
When hanging on the wall this, amazing quilt looks perfect, however, upon close inspection, there are some small areas of damage. I recommend this quilt be used as wall art, not on a bed. Also as a result of this, instead of this quilt being $4,200, I am pricing it at $2,900. And yes, we can restore this quilt, with origonal same date fabric, if you choose. I love this quilt!
As always quilts are sent on approval for your in home viewing...shipping is free :-)