Q9253 Signed and Dated Folk Art Roses and Buds Quilt

Signed and Dated 1858
75 x 95 inches
Pennsylvania or Maryland

This is an original adaptation of a very sophisticated pattern which was created by an expert sewer as well as being an expert quilter. In 34 years I have never seen a pattern created in a manner such as this.

Created from turkey red, white and tobacco dyed green cotton and linen fabrics. Hawaiian quilts are known for their echo quilting. While this is certainly not a Hawaiian quilt, it is echo quilted and stippled throughout the entire piece. This original pattern was created in 20" X 21" blocks, which were appliqued and reverse appliqued with the roses using an amazing pleated, ruffled design. This pattern was outline quilted and from there we go to actual echo quilting. Each joining block has been echo quilted in a 5" square on the diagonal. The balance of each block has echo quilting following the entire design.

The top and bottom borders measure 5-1/2" and the side borders measure 7-1/2" in width. All four borders are appliqued with a meandering vine and buds folk art pattern. Once again, we see that the pattern is completely outline quilted with the balance of the sashing being echo quilted. The result is an entire quilt covered with echo quilting approx 1/4" apart, creating a stippled effect. There is an 1/8" applied binding using the tobacco dyed green fabric.

Tobacco dyed green is a very fugitive color and is easily changed from washings and direct sunlight. I can see this quilt hung as a true masterpiece in a special place on your wall. Only direct sunlight will damage this quilt. This quilt will be fine in a bright room where you can see and marvel at the exquisite quilting. ...just not direct sunlight....You will see shading in the tobacco dyed green and there are still a few faint areas of foxing.

A rarety is the fact that this quilt is signed and dated .....J.M. Murphy ..Jan. 8th,1858. The exact date leads me to believe that it was made to commemorate a wedding date.

This masterpiece quilt is now organically washed and ready to be hung or used on a bed in your home.

Ready to be sent to you for your in home approval........