Q9254 Center Medallion Summer Quilt
67 x 87
May have been made in England or France

99.9% of all quilts I've ever sold were made here in America. I believe this quilt may be an exception, possibly created in either England or France. We can be sure that the fabrics are totally unusual, different from anything else you will see on my webpage. We have pictorial fabrics from the scales of justice to a whimsical rabbit eating a carrot. Maybe someone in the family was a lawyer or a judge, and loved nature! There are numerous pictorial fabrics that I have never seen and calicos that I have never seen. Combine these facts with the perfect graphics of this quilt and we have one fabulous summer quilt. There are hundreds and hundreds of 1-3/4" squares, all of which are on point. There are chintzes, polished cottons, chambrays, and many more. Close inspection shows us that the pattern is based on the 4 patch construction on point, with every 4 blocks joined by a larger 3-1/2" block.

Around the edges, to complete the graphics, the designer needed to add either a single block or two blocks to create the dramatic effect we see here. The piecing was performed using the English piecing method. Even though there are hundreds of quilts created in the US using the same method of piecing, as many of us emigrated from England and the continent, because of these fabrics I do believe this quilt was made elsewhere. A turkey red color fabric finishes the border on each side. The backing is a whole cloth backing created from the same fabric with the 1/4" binding being also of the same fabric. If you turn this quilt sideways if would perfectly fit a queen sized bed with approximately 14" over on each side. If this was my piece of art, and I had a place in my home, I would hang it on the wall. It can be hung in either direction, as there is no top or bottom to the quilt. In mint condition, this quilt is ready to be sent, with free shipping, to your home for your approval.