Q9256 Unknown Pattern Quilt
67 x 78

This unnamed pattern created in a vibrant red and white, is an adaptation of the LeMoyne Star/Ohio Star. The way this design was pieced has resulted in an optical illusion. Looking at this design one way, it's your star, looking at this design another way, it becomes a pinwheel. The reason this quilt is at this lower price, is because there is a stain, a line in the middle of the quilt ...on the fold line, that I have not been able to negate using organic products. Other than that, this quilt appears never to have been used, and when I purchased it, this quilt had never been washed.

The graphics were created from nine blocks on point. Piecing and quilting was executed by hand. The center of the star block measures 4-1/2". There are two borders: the innermost measures 3-5/8", the outermost border measures 4-5/8". Finishing this quilt is a 1/4" hand applied red binding. The white blocks are cross hatched quilted in 1" rows, with nice even stitching. The border is quilted diagonally, also in a 1" grid. I am wondering if the blocks were quilted by a different person than the rest of the quilt, as the stitching seems to vary from the main body of the quilt to the stars.

There are four corner blocks which set off the entire graphics of this quilt, making the design in the main body of this quilt more prominent.

This mint quilt is now called unused as we have organically hand washed it. Now ready to be sent for your at home approval, with free shipping.