Q9258 Stuffed Whig Rose Variation Quilt
94 x 94
New York?

This sophisticated and exquisite stuffed Whig Rose Variation was executed in a manner indicative of the 1840's, the nine block formation. As the style's name suggests, there are nine approximately 31" X 31" blocks that are identical. A red, teal, and white quilt with yellow accents is a difficult color combination to find. Taking this quilt artistically to a higher level is the stuffed work. Each applique is stuffed so that the design becomes three dimensional. We have applique, reverse applique, stuffed work, and an exquisitely designed motif.

I believe this quilt was a gift to someone whose name is now lost in time. I have surmised this because of the numerous signatures on the quilt. Some signatures can be easily read, others are almost obliterated. In the 1840's when someone moved, there was a distinct possibility that they would never again see their family or friends. This is hard for us to imagine now! During this time period there was a great migration from New England and the mid Atlantic states to the mid-west and beyond to the Pacific coast. People were looking for more freedom and an abundance of land.

This quilt has been lovingly used yet only shows slight wear on the binding and some faded signatures from washing. The large size indicates that this quilt would have been made for an early high bed. Now this quilt will easily fit today's queen size bed, with a 17" overhang on each side, or a king sized bed with a 7" overhang.

The entire quilt is outline quilted and cross hatched in a 1" grid. The outstanding parts of this quilt are the applique, stuffed work and color combination. The fabrics and techniques seen on this quilt are reminiscent of work seen on Baltimore album quilts, and chances are was executed by a member of a wealthy family.

Organically hand washed by us and ready to be sent, with free shipping for your in-home approval.