Q9260 Double Wedding Ring Quilt

58 x 72 inches
New England

During the depression era, the Double Wedding Ring quilt was the most popular quilt pattern for women to create. Usually created for a special wedding. In 35 years and dozens of these quilts, I have never seen a single color and also a solid fabric used to create this quilt pattern. This wonderful medium blue and white quilt appears never to have been used. It was probably too special, and was put away to be saved. Now with a fresh organic hand wash it is ready for you to either display or use as a throw on a bed or couch or as a very special gift.

All rings have been executed using the solid blue and finished with the same blue for the binding. All work is executed by hand. The quilting is extraordinary; probably the most quilting I have ever seen on a quilt of this pattern. Each blue ring has 4 rows of quilting as well as being outline quilted. The large area of white has an absolutely intense quilting pattern; the only name I can find is a very small flower blossom design. The white "eyes" of this quilt are cross hatch quilted every half inch. The outside border has 4 rows of quilting.

Easy to fit into your decor, loving blues, due to the solid fabric. A treasure for yourself or as wedding present. Now organically hand washed and ready to be sent to your home for approval.