Q9261 Hawaiian Quilt Design, Quilted in America

61 x 80 inches
Found in Western Massachusetts

I have searched for Hawaiian quilt patterns in order to name this quilt, to no avail. Appearing to be a Hawaiian pattern with all Turkey Red applique designs, echo quilted...actually they are quilted 1/4" apart! I do know that in 35 years I have never seen a quilt like this.

The white areas are cross hatched quilted on the diagonal 3/8" apart! The quilting is truly amazing, however, not the way a true Hawaiian quilt would have been quilted. The entire quilt would have been echo quilted. The applique, reverse applique, and quilting are outstanding...Not only do we have amazing graphics, but quilting among the best you will ever see.

The border is 6" in width. The treadle machine separately applied is 3/8" in width. Some red appliques are quilted with red thread, some quilted with white thread. One cannot see this without being very close. Turning the quilt over one can easily see the outstanding quilting.

Hard for me to covey this amazing work, this quilt needs to be seen to be truly appreciated.

Now hand washed with organic products, this amazing quilt is ready to be sent, with free shipping, for your approval.