Q9262 Log Cabin Straight Furrows Youth Summer Quilt

46 x 58 inches

The Log Cabin patterns came to us with women from England where this pattern originated. One of the first patterns was called Straight Furrows. The Furrows represented rows of plantings in the English countryside. This is one such quilt..technically a summer coverlet. This child's coverlet does not have a batting and the backing is the foundation for the construction of this "quilt".

There is a special way of creating a quilt that is only of New England origin. This quilt is created in that manner...happy to explain to the buyer.

The quilt measures 48" X 58", has 9-1/2 " blocks, 2-1/2" chimneys and logs that measure 3/4" in width. A wide array of prints and colors were used in the quilt's creation. If you are searching for a color this quilt should contain it. The size of this artistic endeavor makes it perfect for art on your wall.

Apparently never used, this quilt is now organically washed and ready to be sent, with free shipping for your approval.