Q9263a Center Medallion Urn with Flowers Crib Quilt

43 x 45 inches
Lancaster, PA
$1,400 Quilter's family name available upon sale

A dated 1925 crib quilt copying a classic late 18th Century and early 19th century Flowers in an Urn pattern. This rendition was pieced with feedsack cotton muslin...some of the writing on the feedsack can still be seen. All pieced and appliqued fabrics are 1925 cottons. This little treasure is pieced by machine, but hand appliqued and hand quilted..

The outer borders measure 7-1/2", the next border measures 1/2" with the inner diminutive Split Triangle border measuring 1-1/4". Each diminutive triangle measures 1-1/4" by 1-1/4" X 1-3/4".

The outer border is beautifully quilted with a vine and leaves motif. The date 1925, and "from Mother" is quilted in one of the borders. The flowers, borders and triangles are all outline quilted while the balance of the quilt is crosshatches quilted in a 1-1/2" grid pattern. There is a wonderful array of c.1925 Calicoes used to make the little triangles.

It has never been used or washed. I was the first person to organically hand wash this little quilt. Now ready to be sent for your approval, with free shipping.