Q9264 Unusual Dresden Plate Quilt

Finished c.1941, 1930s fabrics
75 x 92 inches
San Gabriel, California

The Dresden Plate quilt was the third most popular quilt design during the 1920s and 30s. This beautifully made example has added an original adaptation to the pattern on the border. The quilter has added three "plates" to the intersections on the outside of the border giving the quilt an almost whimsical effect.

Measuring apx. 75" X 92" this quilt will fit a queen size bed and more than cover a king size bed. There are 20 15" blocks joined with 2-1/2" sashing which is machine pieced to the blocks. There is a 3-1/4" border ending with a 3/8" separately applied binding. Each "spoke" is 4-1/8" long and outline hand quilted. All blocks are crosshatched hand quilted in a 1" grid. The joining sections are quilted by hand in a miniature 1/2" crosshatch pattern. The 3-1/4" border is hand quilted in a 1/2" diagonal crosshatch design. The balance of the sashing is hand quilted in an overlapping "eye" design. All quilting is executed by hand with nice small quilting stitches. The blocks are joined to the sashing by machine.

The blocks are pieced with dozens of 1920s and 30s calicoes. On the back there is a note saying the quilt was finished in 1941....Finishing this quilt must have taken years...totally understandable. The mustard color sashing is in style today as it was back then. So special was this quilt that someone packed it away for over 80 years so you may enjoy this quilt in perfect condition.

I have organically hand washed this quilt, making it ready to be sent, with free shipping, to your home for approval.