Q9264a H-Block Log Cabin Quilt

71-1/2 x 71-1/2 inches

Log Cabin quilts consist of around 12 different patterns.

This is an H-block Log Cabin, pieced by hand and using 64 9" blocks, each log measuring approximately 7/8". The center chimneys measure 1-5/8" square. This circa 1885 Log Cabin quilt is actually called a summer quilt. The reason is that the quilt has a pieced top and a backing, but the batting is left out. Technically this is not a true quilt, as a quilt has three layers. Some would call this a summer coverlet, but I prefer the term summer quilt. One can actually use this quilt year round. A light covering for the warmer days and over another blanket or down comforter for the colder days.

Burgundy was one of the most popular colors in the 1880s. This quilt has a myriad of fabric designs with burgundy and white prints. One of the really unusual aspects is the fact that the maker of this quilt turned over the outside log onto the back using it as a binding.

This quit had never been used and has now been organically hand washed. This would not only make a wonderful wall hanging, but would in fact be a lovely coverlet.

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