Q9265 Blue Bird of Happiness Quilt

72 x 72 inches
New England

As a child growing up I spent many many summers at Camp Wingo, which was owned by my aunt. The camp's symbol was the Bluebird of Happiness. Needless to say, this symbol holds lots of wonderful memories for me.

This very happy quilt is comprised of 9 identical 15" blocks, with a crosshatch design of a bluebird on a branch. This quilt, which measures 72" X 72", was originally made for a double bed, but would work just as well on a single bed. The 15" blocks are surrounded with a 3-1/2" sashing of the same color as the bluebird embellishments. We also have an approximately 5-1/2" border with a quadruple row of chain stitch covering the complete circumference of the quilt. The outside edge of the quilt has been pillowcased and closed on the back with a tiny overcast stitch. The white blocks are quilted with a 1" crosshatch design. The blue sashings are quilted in white thread, showing an unusual double chain.

This quilt appears to be hardly used and is in perfect condition. Now organically hand washed and ready to be sent for your at home inspection and approval.