Q9266 Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt

75 x 93 inches
San Gabriel, California

The original design of the Grandmother's Flower Garden was called a Mosaic, of which many were created in New England. This pattern was brought to us from England. During the 1920s we changed this pattern somewhat so it is now called a Grandmother's Flower Garden. When I look at this quilt it feels more like a mosaic than a Grandmother's Flower Garden.

Created completely by hand from thousands of 1" hexagons, this quilt appears never to have been used. The peach color is also unusual. Thousands of hexagons are a solid peach, with a few calicos with a yellow print or a white print scattered throughout the quilt. I'm thinking these must have been very special fabrics, ones that the quilter treasured for reasons we'll never know. A peach and white colored quilt is very difficult to find. This peach quilt does have a smattering of true pink on some of the edges. I can not imagine the years that it took to make this piece.

Measuring 75 X 93, this quilt will fit a single, a double, or a queen sized bed. The basically two color quilt will be easy to blend in with prints you may have that use this color. The thousands of one inch hexagons are hand outline quilted. The entire quilt has been bound with a 1/4" separately applied white binding. The backing is a solid white, where you can easily see the amazing quilting, which actually makes this quilt reversible.

In perfect unused condition and now organically hand washed. This very special quilt is ready to be sent to you for your at-home inspection and approval.