Q9267 Cigar Premium Quilt

51 x 63 inches
New England

During the late 1800s and into the 1900s, many men were known to smoke cigars. The clever cigar companies offered premiums: flannel flags of various nationalities were included in the wooden cigar boxes so that the wife would encourage her husband to buy certain brands. These flags were usually placed in Victorian crazy quilts, however, there are a few examples of quilts made up completely of these cigar premiums. This is one such example.

Each flag measures 7" X 10". There are emblems on each corner which, when matched up together in this quilt, appear to be 1-1/2" joining blocks. There is a 3/8" separately applied binding. The quilt top was pieced during the early part of the twentieth century. The backing was put on later by Rocky Mountain Quilts. We have done this work for others, but this is the first of our own quilts to be finished this way.

It has cotton batting, an excellent RJR reproduction circa 1920s backing and a binding made from the same date as the front. The quilt is reverse tied and we have added the two sleeves necessary for hanging. Cigar premiums can not be washed because the colors will run. Thus this quilt should not be used on a bed, except for show, as it cannot be washed. This interesting quilt contains flags from many different countries. Its smaller size and notable design would make it a fine wall hanging for a den or family room, an office, or a child's room.

This quilt is ready to be shipped free of charge for your at home approval.