Q9268 Optical Illusion Miniature Irish Chain Quilt

77 x 77 inches

Calling this an optical illusion Irish Chain Quilt sounds like an oxymoron. At first glance the Single Irish Chain is immediately visible. The other pattern one sees are the blocks containing a Checkerboard block and a Nine Patch pattern. My eye goes back and forth between these: it is definitely a pleasing optical illusion. This quilt is comprised of three fabrics: a slightly off White, a Khaki calico and a Turkey Red calico.

The Irish Chain design is comprised of dozens of 3/4 inch squares with all the other pieces measuring 3/4". The pattern is made up of 12-1/2" square blocks which are then joined with 3-1/2" sashing of the same slightly off white fabric. The construction of these blocks is difficult to see unless you are examining it very closely. All work is beautifully executed by hand. The outer 4 edges have a 6" sashing comprised of 1" Khaki calico, 1-1/4" Turkey Red calico with another 1" strip of Khaki and then the same off White of 2-1/4". This wonderful quilt is then finished with a seperately hand applied 1/4 binding. The entire body of the quilt is quilted with little stitches in a diagonal cross hatch pattern with each line being 3/8" apart. The backing is a linen indiciative of the era.

Quilt is now organically hand washed and ready to be sent with free shipping for your approval. Please ask me for more information.