Q9269 Love Apple / Prince's Feather Quilt

74 x 80 inches

This beautiful quilt is not only an original adaptation of a Love Apple and Prince's Feather, but was executed in a manner which I've never seen.... combining two partial patterns.

The quilt top was designed and appliqued on four separate blocks each measuring 29" X 32". Until now the only appliqued quilt similar to this would have applique on a whole cloth backing. In this case the wonderful quilt design overlaps all the seams. One would never notice this unless looking as closely as I have.

This quilt is appliqued, reverse appliqued, and beautifully quilted. The applique work is absolutely perfect, and the quilting is wonderful, with small even stitches. The appliqued pieces, after being beautifully appliqued, are outline quilted. The main body of the quilt around the center square has 4 corners of beautifully quilted medallions. These are joined with a meandering feather quilting, an image that replicates the feathers. The borders have feather images quilted between each feather, from the outside of the feathers around the entire quilt, is a diagonal straight line apx 1" apart. The balance of the quilt between the very creative designs is cross hatch quilted in 1" grids.

The specific measurements are :Flowers ..1' stems, Apples 4" diameter, leaves 5-1/2" in length, feathers 18" in length, 1/4" seperately applied binding,

I am also going to call this an optical illusion quilt because my eye switches between the Love Apple design and the Feathers. What an interesting design! Center medallion designs date back as early as the late 18th century in England. If one looks closely, you will see a center medallion 40" in diameter, with the four corners quilted in medallions and joined with meandering feather designs.

This quilt can be appreciated on many levels. Not only would this be a gorgeous quilt for your bed, but the unusual shade of green makes it a perfect fit with today's decor.