Q9270 Lemon Peel Quilt

54 x 76 inches

The lemon peel pattern is an old New England pattern. I've actually sold Lemon Peel quilts that date back to the 1830s. I'm not sure what the earliest date of this pattern would be. Quilters have added a new name Rob Peter To Pay Paul. This graphically wonderful yet visually soothing quilt is a perfect size for a wall hanging, and can be hung in either direction as there is not necessarily a top or a bottom.

Comprised of 48 blocks, each measuring 8-1/2" X 8-1/2" in solid mustard and white. There is a 2-3/4" border of a compatible very dark yellow, bordering on the shade of mustard. The border includes a 1/4" separately applied white binding. The piecing of all blocks was executed by hand. The border was attached using a treadle machine. The backing is a wholecloth white.

The quilting on this piece is exceptional and interesting. The center colored piece of each block is quilted in what looks like a four leaf flower with each petal being a heart. Was this quilt made as a wedding present? The balance of that piece is also heavily quilted with various designs and outlining. Every alternate piece has a white center pattern. Each of these pieces is also heavily quilted with miniature petals and other elaborate designs. The border has cross hatch diagonal quilting, 7/8" apart.

This wonderful quilt is now hand washed organically and ready to be sent with free shipping for your at home approval. Please ask me for more information.