Q9272 Rob Peter to Pay Paul or Wandering Husband Quilt

71 x 83 inches
Origin unknown, possibly New York

True Indigo dye, as used here, is one of the known colors that will not fade in the sun. Direct sun is not good for any textile, but at least this color will not fade.

A kind lady gave this quilt to me and therefore, here I am selling it, all profits will be donated to Cancer research.

This pattern is actually difficult to piece as there are curved pieces. Piecing and quilting are all executed by hand. The quilt is composed of dozens of 7-1/2" blocks with a separately applied 3/8" binding sewn on using a treadle machine. The fact that this was purchased fabric vs. scrap fabric tells us that the creator was of comfortable means. A treadle machine binding was one way of showing her status in life.

All pieces are outline quilted both inside and outside each piece.

In what appears to be unused or hardly used condition, this wonderfully graphic quilt is now organically hand washed and ready to be sent with free shipping for your approval.