Q9274 Eight Pointed Star Quilt

78 x 91 inches
Origin unknown

This wonderful Depression era quilt was donated by a very special person. All profits will be sent to "St. Jude Children's Research Hospital" as a donation.

For one of a myriad of reasons this special quilt appears never to have been used. How nice of the maker to size this quilt to fit a queen size bed!

Created from 16 blocks each measuring 10" x 10" with a very unusual sashing making this quilt an optical illusion. There are two outer borders. The inside border is the same blue as the sashings and measures 4-1/2" in width. The outer border of white also measures 4-1/2" in width. The binding is separately applied and measures 3/8" in width. The inner border is quilted in a vine pattern, the outer border is quilted in a chain design. All triangles and squares are outline quilted. The inner sashings are quilted using a chain pattern.

The entire Star quilt is a medium to lighter blue giving us a nautical feeling. Blue is the most loved color in the U.S.A. Stars are the most loved pattern. Here we have both color and theme combined.

This special unused Star quilt is ready to be sent, with free shipping, to your home for approval.