Q9276 Friendship Star Quilt

94 x 96 inches
Pennsylvania or Ohio

The early beds in The U.S. were mostly high beds. People believed that the cold night air was bad for one's health and therefore beds needed to be high off the floor. Many times a child's trundle bed would be stored under the bed until the little one's bedtime. Not much privacy in many early homes. Due to the large size this stunning quilt would today fit a queen size bed or a king size bed with 8" over each side. If you are lucky enough to have an early bed or an exact copy..well, this quilt is a perfect fit. As a wall hanging this quilt is stunning!

The construction consists of blocks that are 12-1/2" on point and matter dyed calico sashing that measures 1-3/8" in width. The triangular-pentagons are 4-7/8" tip to base. The fabrics date from C.1820 to C.1845 and are just stunning! The whole cloth backing is an earlier miniature brown on white calico which is also used for the separately applied 1/4" binding. All work has been executed by hand as indicative of the quilt's date.

There are times when the colors of pictures may not look the way they are in reality. This is due to differences among computer monitors. There are no reds on this quilt...Many shades of browns and matter dyes..grays, and a dabble of green.

This sophisticated and stunning quilt is ready to be sent, with free shipping for your approval. I am happy to share more details.