Q9277 Diamonds Quilt
81 x 87 inches
Maine or New Hampshire

If you are a fabric junkie, a lover of abstract art and a lover of quilts: this piece of art will captivate you. 😄 Very possibly this is a charm quilt. A charm quilt is one without a repeat of patterns and indeed a rarity. Was the man of the household someone who manufactured fabrics? How did the quilter acquire all the over 1,000 fabrics? These questions may remain a mystery....This quilt is definitely a conversation piece.

Comprised of over 1,000 diamonds measuring 5" tall having sides that measure 2-3/4". The fabrics date mostly from the 1840's and 50's. The backing is a home woven, home dyed linen. This graphic quilt is appreciated for the fabrics, graphics, age and condition. On a quilt such as this the quilting is rarely noticed...this is no exception. The separately applied binding measures 3/8" in width and was applied with a very early treadle machine. All piecing of over 1,000 diamonds was executed by hand.

The size of this quilt will fit perfectly on a queen size bed or adorn the wall of your great room, stairwell or hall or just for your collection.

This graphically wonderful quilt would work well in an antique home as well as in the most modern setting.

I am happy to send this quilt, with free shipping, for your approval.

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