Q9278 "Hearts"...A Little Love Quilt
26 x 34 inches

What a perfect present for someone you love 😄 A quilt that shows hearts and more hearts and one to be treasured that is given to or received from someone special. Having only red and white fabrics makes this quilt a Valentine special.

The actual name of this pattern is Rob Peter to Pay Paul ...Here we have hearts, not just curved pieces. Completely hand pieced and hand quilted. The quilting design was executed in parallel lines apx. 1" apart. Each 5-1/2" block will have the quilting going in the opposite direction from the block next to it. The 1/4" binding was turned over from the back to the front and hand stitched down.

This little gem is now organically hand washed and ready to be sent, with free shipping, for your approval.

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