Q9280 Victorian Silk Velvet Crazy Quilt
53 x 65 inches
New York

A rarity is such an elegant Victorian Crazy Quilt that is constructed from Silk Velvet. This heavily embellished quilt is actually three dimensional in many areas.

The center medallion measuring 12" square is embellished with silk chenille threads, resulting in a three dimensional floral arrangement of Peonies in bloom, leaves, buds and stems. The background fabric is silk velvet as is the entire quilt. The borders measure 8" wide which includes a 1-1/4" silk binding. The four corner blocks measuring 7" X 7" are silk with exquisite embellishment. One corner block is embellished with Pansies, one corner block is embellished with daisies constructed from ribbons, one plain block and the forth block are embellished with a tiny delicate Marguerite flower, stems and leaves constructed from silk ribbons and silk thread.

The backing is silk and the quilt is reverse tied. Crazy Quilts are not quilted.

This is one of the very, very few quilts that I will sell that is not perfect as you will notice from the price. Once hung these imperfections are hardly noticed....What does your eye see?

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