Q9281 Center Medallion Floral Basket (Kit Quilt)
75 x 86 inches

An unused antique quilt always conjures up the question..Why was it not used? In this case we gather that because it appears to be a wedding present, the quilt was too precious to use. The clue to the fact of being a wedding quilt is that there are hearts quilted into the design, especially surrounding the single flowers on the border.

A kit quilt supplies all the necessary fabric for a project. The quilting design (excluding the hearts) is stamped on the large white main piece of fabric..The maker must do all the work!!

The center medallion surrounded by ribbons and bows measures 41" X 54". The basket of flowers is styled in a very contemporary manner..kind of airy and whimsical in design. The border measures 14" and contains flowers all around with hearts surrounding each flower. The separately applied binding, in blue, measures 3/8" in width. This quilt is summertime all year round.

Now hand washed organically and ready to be sent, with free shipping, for your approval.

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