Q9283 Rob Peter to Pay Paul, or Lend and Borrow Quilt
65 x 80 inches

Chrome Orange just pops out to you...a happy color. This graphic quilt is comprised of only three fabrics...Chrome orange and a wonderful teal calico with a home spun, home dyed linen backing.

The linen backing is indicative of pre-1860 quilt backings. The piecing and outline quilting are by hand as this is prior to the sewing machine being used in homes. The piecing is perfect...every piece is outline quilted, which acts as the quilting design. The stitches are average and not important as this is a quilt for graphics and color.

There are 120 blocks each measuring apx. 6-1/2". This pattern is actually an optical illusion...it is fun! The backing is turned over from the back to the front to create a binding, and hand stitched down.

This stunning quilt is ready to be sent for your approval, with free shopping. Please ask for more information.