Q9284 Four Square Design Quilt
83 x 83 inches

Finding an unused quilt is always a treasure. This quilt was created from unused fabrics from the 1870's, with a few from an earlier date. We have stunning Indigo fabrics, fabulous florals, plaids and a huge array of other wonderful prints and dyes. A wonderful full batting has added to the creation of a visually soothing quilt to cuddle under.

Pieced by machine which enables the creator to tie the quilt vs. the quilt being quilted. Comprised of 100...8-1/4" squares. Every other square is a Four patch comprised of 4...4-1/8" squares. The edge is closed by machine using the pillowcase. From a distance the quilt is an optical illusion, with one seeing the 4 patch pattern or the pattern where the white calico blocks on the diagonal are prominent. This visual effect is much more prominent on the wall than laying flat on a bed.

Browns were a prominent color during the 1870's. As a fabric junkie this is a treasure trove of prints to relish. The backing is comprised of two tan fabrics..one solid, the other a muted abstract design.

The size of this quilt is generous and would fit a queen bed with 11 inches over the sides and more over the bottom.

Organically hand washed and ready to send with free shipping for your approval.