Q9286 Silk Log Cabin Barn Raising Quilt
47 x 47 inches

An exquisite nineteenth century silk Barn Raising Log Cabin bordered with a 3-1/2" silk velvet in a rich plum color, then finished with a sophisticated twisted silk corded edging.

The "logs" measure between 1/2" and 3/4" with a 3/4" center chimney. All chimney's are in black silk instead of the customary red chimneys. The color change adds to a very sophisticated look. The colors seen here are a variety of black silks..some woven, some printed, some solid black. Other silks are deep red/orange, grays, beige, blues and a deep plum.

The combination of deep, rich colors all in silks added to the size has created a textile piece of art in a similar size to a framed oil. The visual impact of fabric art is not only captivating, but emulates a wonderful feeling of comfort.

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