Q9287 Wool and Wool Challis Victorian Crazy Quilt
74 x 74 inches

Muted colors I find very soothing. We have a Victorian Crazy quilt that was created from all muted colors: burgundies, blues, greens both pine and moss, blacks, rusts, bronze, brick color and bordered with a muted woven wool challie. Some blacks and browns are silk velvet. Created in the earlier 9 block formation with exceptionally exquisite and complicated embroidery around each piece and the entire circumference of the muted burgundy border.

Each block measures 22" X 22", the border is 3-3/4" in width which includes a 1/2" separately applied binding in taupe. The backing is a brown plaid cotton flannel just perfect to cuddle under!

A perfect quilt for your bed, comfortable chair or couch ...it is meant to be used and cherished! A truly fabulous quilt!

Please ask for this quilt to be sent, with free shipping, for your final approval. Please feel free to ask for more information.