Q9290 Unique Amish Variable Star / Nine Patch Quilt with Bars Double Border
68 x 78 inches

I find old Amish quilts usually very geometric as well as wonderfully executed. This unique Amish quilt is no exception. Created from 2 designs for the blocks. A Nine Patch block measuring 8-1/4" X 8-1/4" with the squares measuring 2-3/4" each in width. One nine patch block is comprised of solid square with alternating blocks of Nine Patch Variable Stars. There is a double border. The inner most border is a Bars border made up of bars measuring apx. 1" X 2 " in all the colors of the inner blocks. The outer border in black which measures 7" including a 3/8" separately applied light brown binding as found in some of the inner pieces.

As with all Amish quilts the piecing was executed by machine with all quilting by hand. The main body of the quilt has been quilted in a cross hatch pattern, the border in a wave design and the bars in a zig-zag design.

The size of this quilt is perfect for numerous uses...A graphically wonderful piece of art for your wall...a throw for your bed or couch. No reason not to use this quilt as with most of my quilts.

Please ask for this quilt to be sent for your final viewing and approval with free shipping.