Q9291 Miniature Victorian Crazy Quilt
21 x 21 inches

A perfect miniature Victorian Crazy Quilt is a rare treasure. In all these years I have found only a few original miniature Crazy Quilts..this one is exceptional, as the quilt is finished with a beautiful deep rust color silk velvet backing!

This diminutive quilt shows a wonderful array of 1870's and 1880's silk and silk velvet fabrics. The embellishment of stitchery is perfect even displaying some stitching I have never seen before...Could the creator have designed these herself? There are dozens of perfectly executed embellishment stitches along with the beautiful fabrics. The little quilt is finished off with a silk rope style cording, in a matching deep rust color to the backing, used instead of a conventional binding adding to the sophistication of this piece of art.

Perfect to be displayed either on your wall, in that special small area, or as a centerpiece for your fabulous table.

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