Q9292 Small Funky Double Sided Silk Bars Quilt
32 x 32 inches

There was a recent time in our country where items were made to last forever...Today we have become what is called a throw away society. Whatever was being made was executed with skill and the thought that "it" would last forever...or at least a very, very long time! Waste not/want not was a well known saying. This wonderful "Bars" quilt is a perfect example of the fore described trait.

There are 49...4-1/2" blocks comprised if 3 to 4 strips. Many of these strips were made from as many as 4 different pieces of fabrics...scraps not to be thrown away, but used! The result here is that of a funky sophisticated Bars quilt. That may sound like an oxymoron, but the quilt is sophisticated with many Bars comprised of scraps of fabrics. We have plaids, stripes, florals and solids all combined in an artistic manner.

The back is another quilt...large squares separated by 2' strips. All work was executed by hand. The separately hand applied binding is a red and white striped silk ribbon. The result from this quilter is a beautiful, unusual and visually wonderful small quilt.

Shipping is free and I am happy to send this little quilt for your at home approval.